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Reflection Time! [11:43pm - 01/31/2007]
It's coming up on two years my lovelies. What to say...what to say... I actually have no idea what day it was. Was it the 2nd or was it the 3rd? I'm going to have to go back and look. But either way we should honestly al get together and celebrate my seizure-free-ness with lots of alcohol. And yes, my dear Katy, if you even still read this, I am jinxing myself, because, I do love my alcohol...and the people I meet when I drink it. And go Bears!

I'll actually reflect later on...te prometo.

No Norway [1:08pm - 01/11/2007]
[ mood | sad ]

Not even a little. Lame. I guess I should work on my City Year essays. But first I should cry a little.

I wish I could be a poetic as the others [2:51pm - 01/09/2007]
[ mood | contemplative ]

When I read others posts about their lives and happenings things seem to flow so nicely and thought out. I just let things go. Not that there is a problem with that. I have also noticed that I only write here when there are horrible or eventful things going on in my life. When I decided to write here a few seconds ago I thought I was just going to write a bit about my winter break and how it went. However, I do happen to believe that my winter break was more eventful then others have been in the past.

I did do my normal bumming around. I did a fair share of it. Oh, oh yes. But I did do a bit of socializing. Just a tad. I happen to be such a homebody when I am home. It's not as if I don't have these people's phone numbers or anything. I even contemplated giving Brian a call while back. I know I have avoidant tendencies. I am going to work on these things this year. But, as for Brian (which did make me think of my LJ), he IMed me last night after the Gators kicked some Buckeye ass. He asked if I was doing anything on Thursday, but then said, "oh, but I'm on call so who knows what my schedule is like." What the hell kind of even friendly, "hey lets go grab a drink." kind of message was that? Seriously. Whatever dude.

I got together with Sarah as well, about a week ago. She is the ever world traveler. She just returned from Spain and practically fell in love with one of her professors. Yeah. Okay ma'am. She has also decided that she's going to apply to Grad programs in Spain with concentrations in Comparative Constitutions. ¡Que boring! I seriously spent about five hours listening to her talk about her falling in love with this professor, Javier, a few trips she took, and listening to her talk about why she doesn't want to play tennis next semester. Did she ever once ask about what I was doing after I graduate? Not a damn one time. What a Sarah. Goodness.

Anyway. Who else did I see? I did see the 'over sexed Pug' on New Years Eve. Ahahaha. I mentioned one of the people who survived off my LJ sophomore year to her and she said she really thought he was a cool guy. I held back saying anything about the nickname. I also got to see Leslie and Crystal that night. Leslie ruined the whole nightby actually having the damn boyfriend. But, seriously. Having a boyfriend and getting all her sex advice from the over sexed pug as rubbed some nasty bitch off on her. I'm like "I appreciate your sarcasm, but could you drop it down a notch?" I was wearing a cute shirt on New Years Eve, but we decided that we were going to go out to a Bar. (yeah, it was a Sunday...and we are in Texas..the Bar was closed) So, they decided it would be better for me to show some skin (and some crack .. not that kind of crack...the top crack). While, that was uncomfortable, needless to say. So, after the bar thing didn't work out we ended up going to a pub to ring in the New Year. It was fun. We just sat around and drank a bit before going home. It was a lot more my style. If I'm going to hang out with people I don't know, I need them to be people I at least know some people know. I can't stand it when it's people I have no clue who they are. The over sexed pug can't get that through her head. Whatever. Apparently we're supposed to hang out more over this last semester. Fun times will ensue. You can sense the sarcastic tone.

Ahh. Yes. There was some to this. During Thanksgiving break I talked to my dad about working on some of his Special Order stuff at his office over the break. So, after I blew it off for the first two weeks, and he was sitting at the coffee table doing work on a Sunday morning (which is unheard of at our house), I told him I would go in and help him out. That job, it's officially called an "Analyst", was interesting. Had I continued on my way from where I was about sophomore year of high school, I probably could be doing it hands down, no help needed at all. Anyway. It's merchandising. What the holy hell would that have to do with Psychology? Abso-fucking-lutley nothing. That's why I tried it out. It was basically sitting at the computer fixing stuff that pops up on someone else's screen about two hundred miles away. There was also lots of typing in numbers because someone didn't put in a purchase order or some crap for 1,045 items. Oh. Yeah. I volunteered to help out with that one, but only because I had worked with that program over the summer at the store. I did, however, find out that I can do the job very easily. Any business major would love it. I did overcome one fear while I was there. I called a crapload of people to ask them if they were coming to a Vendor show later in the month. Yikes! I hate the phone with a passion. Well, the point here was, not that I had a lame, unpaid, job over break... but that I did something out of the box for me. I did, though, observe the whole time. I understood the people my dad hired to work for him better then he ever has. Some of them work better under pressure in a loud environment while others worked better later in the day in a quiet environment. (Oh! Psychology!)

The whole point was that it got me thinking about the City Year essays and what I really want to do when I graduate. I'm going to finish up everything. I'm going to turn in the application. But, I honestly don't know what I would bring to the organization that some other little white girl would bring to the organization. It just scares me that I'm so average that I can't get anything accomplished in the future. What am I to do? Just keep going huh? That's what I'll be doing. Just watch out kiddies on Sunday when we go back to school. I can't wait!

I'll keep up with this when I get back, at least a little bit. I know I'm going to drop Animal Learning. I guess the Study Abroad stuff didn't work out. Damn, I wanted to see some Norwegian salmon!

Today was crap [9:58pm - 12/14/2006]
This week has been so sad. I had no idea at the start of the semester that it would be so much fun. I can honestly say that everything I did was independent of anyone I came to high school with or clug on to when I started college. Living with my roommate is lovely. Going into it I knew we would get along. Aside from the fact that I can get my work done on time, and she finishes her's the night before without sleep, we can almost be the same person. I would not lie. Last year people confused me with that Omega folliowing bitch, but this year, they confuse me with my roommate. Crazy. Well.

I said good-bye to at least three (perhaps four) very memorable people when I left last night. One I knew from day one and didn't even think would get so close to. I love her to death, and most likely will see again in the future. She will be living very close, and if things work out, so will I, when I graduate. The second was someone who was even closer to my roommate then me, but aside from that, she was one of the sweetest people that I've gotten to know here. The final person is someone is one in a milion and someone I hope I can keep in touch with in the future, she's a great person. The fourth, everyone likes, and everyone shed a tear on Tuesday night when we said good-bye. Even if the kid didn't paticularly like me, I liked the kid.

So I cried because of that, but I've also cried because of my professor's fiance's health. I haven't heard anything about that in about a week. I pray things work out for them, and she gets better. I can't not have her back next semester. As I was getting myself together yesterday evening, pulling away from the parking lot, my dad turned to me and said, "I have bad news." and I was like "What? Oh my god.." I couldn't even think of what the hell was wrong. He told me my manager from the store this summer, along with his brother, wife, and sister-in-law were in an accident on Tuesday on 410. He died. Oh my goodness. I cried a little. Thank God I didn't get around to calling about working there over the thanksgiving break. I could NOT work there. Nonononononono. The police haven't found the person that hit them yet. I just pray for them as well. Along the same lines of praying, Stockwell's niece's surgury for her cerebral palsy, was put off for a little bit because she was sick. She's going to be a great little girl. I can hardly even start to think how it would feel to go through surgury to fix things like that. The braces on my legs were one thing, but surgury. Wowowowow. And the fact that Lance Berkman is paying for the surgury through one of his organizations is amazing. More prayers.

As for today being crap. I was feeling a little bad to start out with yesterday, and my pinky finger and thumb twitched while we were packing, and then I felt some itching at HEB when we were getting dinner (eww! should tell the doctor when I go) I woke up with a horrible sore throat and the sinus infection from hell. How did that happen so quickly? I'm blaming it on the stress from this semester as well as previous exposure, David had one and I saw him on Tuesday. Blech. Blech. Blech.

I'm going to try to hold myself together to go to the therapist with Katie and my mom tomorrow. I really want to see what this is all about. I really want to be what she is. Yes, a clinican social worker. It sounds like so much fun!

*cough* *cough*

Wow [12:21am - 12/11/2006]
[ mood | tired ]

I have not updated in such a ginourmously long time that it may take me up to a day to get through everything. Well, I should be trying to put together a presentation for my Spanish class tomorrow, but I'm not! Ha! Taking that you raging feminist bitch of a professor! Umm yes. That would all make perfect sense if I had kept everyone updated throughout the semester. Thing is with this Spanish class, I love my professor, she is a lovely person, and she has an adorable daughter, but I can't stand that she's a Mexican hippie. I don't care that women in Peru have a hard time sleeping because they aren't getting laid. I can't think about that because I'm not even getting laid! Geezus. So. That's about the jist of that. There's a bigger problem with Spanish though, I'm doing this presentation in front of a class that I've never been to. Yes. That's right. How does that happen you ask? Here's the down low. We History and Systems (PSY 437) is at 1 on MW. I need that to graduate. POLS 339 is also at 1, but also at 2:30, I need that to graduate. Then here comes Spanish. SPAN 477, but that's only at 2:30 on MW. So what do I do? I decide, hey, I can take one conference class, and never have to deal with anyone but myself! Ahaha! That backfired very very quickly this semester. I find out the feminist bitch of a professor wants me to do a presentation in front of the class about this novel I read. You heard me. A novel in Spanish. Wow. Scary thoughts. Anyways. There it is. But, that also meant I had to take my POLS 339 final early. Well isn't that shit? Sure as well was.

And that's why we get drunk on Saturdays! And we get drunk at my apartment, and no one leaves until 5 in the morning. Oh my god. I needed to work on that paper. Yes, yes I did. Que bueno. But, the party was success. Seriously, though, I did finish up everything. I just need to put together the presentation. I'm going to go to bed pretty quick, get up early and see how it goes. Hopefully well.

Aside from the crap that was the feminist bitch from hell, things went really well this semester. I got some research under my belt, sychologically speaking. It'll all be fun, once we actually start. I learned about some new psychological theories as well as how to use IQ tests (oh and that my sister's boyfriend is eternally fucked up). And I didn't learn anything in Philosophy. Complete utter waste of my life. Lame. Whatever. Not even a cute boy to look at. I was more excited about seeing people walk by the Psych department during class. The eternally pregnant catholic professor, however, would probably had noticed me waving to the better professors. I hoping for all As and a B. Perhaps a B in Physiological Psych, but some ass kissing and some cramming tomorrow may do the trick.

The boy obsession has not subsided at all. It may have actually worsened. And we wonder why I'm single. Watching every single Spurs game for him is just insane, complete utter insanity. But, that's how I roll. At least I have friends that understand it, or at least pretend to. Oh, and laugh at me when I take shots for however points he scores and have the worst hangover ever known to man the next day. Priceless. Priceless. Riceless. Riceless (that was for you Kevin). I also have friends that will laugh at my utter nerdiness. It's gone from historical nerdiness to scientific nerdiness. Yesterday, I was laying on the couch after my final watching something on Discovery Health about unconscious female and male communication styles. Hell yes. I fell asleep during it, but it was the thought that counted.

The thought, oh the thought. Next semester. Holy cow. Oh my god. What is next? What in the world is next? I mean, I don't feel like everyone I know knows what they are doing next, but I kind of want to have a sort of direction. Ehh. That's too philosophical for finals. I may ponder that over break after my father rips me a new one for being lazy or something.

Let's consider this the semester update. There may be more to come, but as it stands, this is it.

Ugghhh! [7:46pm - 09/24/2006]
How things have changed in four years. Seriously. I was walking towards my desk a few seconds ago bitching about doing Political Philosophy reading and how much I would rather being reading about brain's being ripped out of people's bodies for research purposes. And that was wasn't a joke. All while listening to random Mexican Pop music. But the point is that four years ago I was in three history classes at this time and now I'm in three Psychology classes which are heavily biology based. And I just remember hating science with such a passion in high school. Baah. I hated it! I didn't even think about taking Psychology then. If you had said I would being hating a Political Science major class in college I would be calling your bullshit as a senior.But this is so crap. The Politics is soooo horrribbbleeee. I should have gone for the Bachelors of Science! Too late now. God!! How I dislike you sometimes. However, four years ago I would be listening to Spanish music. Some Juanes or Shakira or something. That hasn't changed.

But anyway. The real real point was that I don't want to be doing homework and that Aristole sucks balls. Is it homecoming yet? We're going to have a fiesta after Psyesta. Heck yes.

[10:33am - 09/20/2006]

[1:41pm - 08/25/2006]
Your Learning Style: Curious and Brilliant

You are a very abstract learner. You can grasp even the most complex theories.

You Should Study:

Computer Science

[11:10pm - 08/21/2006]
my physiological psychology book is nearly orgasmic. That is all for the night. I will let you all know how things go after class tomorrow.

Waiting [10:58am - 06/26/2006]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I called New York & Company and Forever 21 on Friday. Ne York & Company was basically like "Fuck off." and Forever 2 said they would call me today. So, I'm sitting around all day waiting for them to call me. Effing asshole. This will be a great day. Yes ma'am. I want to punch anyone that is a manager in retail in the face. That is all.

This week at a glance: [12:33pm - 06/19/2006]
[ mood | awake ]

Monday: Perhaps some type of dinner with Brian
Tuesday: Interview with Forever 21
Wed: Interview with New York and Company at 1:30
Neurologist at 2:45
Thursday: Freaking out about the neurologist
Friday: Worrying about the jobs
Saturday: maybe air mattress float?

Busy Busy week!

And everyone be praying for the people in Pasadena and Deer Park, there some nasty flooding down there, and it may rain some more.

Argh! [9:53pm - 06/18/2006]
[ mood | good ]

I just took a practice GRE from the CD I got with the book, to see where I stand before I really start studying my bootay off. I haven't budged since I took the SATs. Honestly. The ETS hates me with a passion. I scored like a 940. I 9 fucking 40. That is so gay. At least it wasn't like a 300 or something. Man. Geez. Okay. Just so we all know. Next.

mental note [11:15pm - 06/16/2006]
[ mood | good ]

For Spanish Senior Sem next spring: I bookmarked the letters from Isolde to Tristan (claro en español). I want to do something about romantic epics. We'll see what Sanchez has up his sleeves. But that's what I would like to do. Of course, with Reik playing in the background...all week. As for psychology next spting, quien sabes. That was it.

Do-nuts? [1:15pm - 06/02/2006]
[ mood | okay ]

So I just sucked it up and called about work...they're hirring in the morning and the afternoon. I'll totally go in there either later today or tomorrow. I'm sure the new manager or brenda/Patrick will see it and call me pretty quick...seeing I was there all summer last year. That would be perfecto. And I could totally hold out for some spurs action. They can't all bail out on Sa-town this early in the summer can they? I'd run away again. Please don't Ashley. But I won't get my hopes up again...like I made those huge palns about volunteering and the children's ministry internship or anything. Whatever. Just a quick update.

Wow [12:02am - 05/18/2006]
[ mood | sore from nothing ]

I haven't updated in a long time. It's not like I didn't know that, or forgot about my journal. I was well aware of it's vapid space in the virtual world this whole time. My excuse could be finals, or starting to work over the summer, or being busy, but that's a load of shit. Last year at this time, most likely, that would be a good excuse to not write in it, except, I did. And I wrote in it a lot. And it has been about a year since we found out that the doctor didn't want to say I have epilepsy, except, oh, I do. Whatever. I understand. Anyway.

Finals were not too bad. Nutrtion sucked balls because I skipped one and Dr. Norkle wouldn't let me fill it in my scantron. Damn that sucks. Drugs and Behavior, not too bad until you got to the last page, which everyone bombed. Thanks Dr. Bailey, you're amazing. Abnorml was amazing, aside from the fact that I LOST my DSM and couldn't buy a new one with my book money because the bookstore wasn't selling any. WTF? How do you not have any DSMs? Jack asses. Anyway. I got an 86 on my Spanish final. Damn Sanchez,. I could kick him. I hate him. But, he may be able to qritw me an amazing recommendation eventually. Anywaaaay. Not final in ART. That was great. ART though, who the hell cares about ART. I got an A in there, I think, I hope. No promises though. I think grades will come while I'm in Deer Park.

Deer Park you say? Ahh yes. Tnhe ever so famous UM ARMY misson trip. Fun times. That's all I haqve to say. I started to pack and I have no idea how I am going to fit all this shit in there.

Work you say? What work? Ahaha. I ctually ALMOST had a job on monday, an 8.50 an hour job, but they wouldn't "place" me because I'd be gone next week. Bastards. So, I'm praying for the Children's Ministry internship at church. And that the director will call me back! Ahhh. Maybe I should e-mail her on Friday, not tomorrow. I called two days in a row, that's desperate. Well.

Oh! I bought some GRE stuff too. Oh my. I bought vocab, general and psych stuff. $83. Holy hell. That's it. There was more to that story, but I forgot it. Damn pills.

I started posting in this stupid thread on my spurs message board. It consumes me. And it sucks. Dios mio. Oh! yeah. Another thing. I was looking at pictures on the website aand the mod's husband's brother's fiancee looks like someone i went to high school with. Eff these girls getting married. Honestly. And speaking of married. Damn that girl that used ot be my neighbor. I found out from one of her drunk exs that she's moving to Vegas right after the wedding. She has ultimately beat me. I hate her. No more nice girl. No. No. No. Even if she doesn't know we've been competing internall since we were four.

Anyway. I think that's about it. Watch out for a long update later on!

Ughhhh [3:53pm - 04/28/2006]
[ mood | crappy ]

I've been waiting for this. Since this whole epilepsy thing has come back I've always felt a little weird around my period. Like headaches or twitches or muscles spasms the week of or week before. I can never know what it'll be. Right when I started taking the pills I would get those nasty headaches that you can get when you need to wear glasses, from the strain in your eyes. It sucked balls. Then it was the twitches and the weird time sleeping earlier in the semester. Well today it was the absolute worst case of cramps, PMS, day of I have ever had in my life. It wasn't even comparable to that one day I worked at Fiesta Texas and stuck it out through the cramps in the 100 degree heat because I was making $8 an hour. Anyway. I woke up, took a shower and was like "Oh joy, welcome..." got in the shower and on my way out it was like this feeling where I could hardly get up. It was like I was going to puke. I've never ever had that feeling. This took about twenty minutes to subside to a point where I could at least stand up and get dressed. Well....I put on the shorts I had slept in and a crappy shirt and crawled into bed a few seconds, literally, before Jackie got back for class. But while I was doing that my vision doubled over, things got a little blurry and I almost fell over. Then I realized I needed to get into bed and there was no way in hell I was going to make it to the one class that Dr. Noelke was taking attendence in this semester. At about 10 I almost peed my pants....I realized my homework was due for the only class I had for the day. Yeah. The only class of Battle of Flowers Day. Dios mio, and I was missing it. Geezus. So...I grabbed it from my rolling in the bed position and gave it to Jackie to set on the desk in Krost. Yess. It's turned in. I did eventually puke a little. Just a bit...I think I puked up the medicine I took...ahaha. Yes. It was beautful, and the best feeling ever. Everyone should do it. I slept it off for a bit...around 11:30 and realized I still couldn't do it....took some midol and woke up at about 1 when I ran over to the ASC to check on m donated laundry card. Jackie gave me one with $5 on it! Man was that luck.

Anyway....I remembered that tomorrow is Night Commute. I was afarid it was tonight and I was going to piss my pants with these cramps. I'll be over it by then. God I hope I am. But yes. Anyway. And it saved me from missing the Spurs game. Ahahaha. Yes. That's all I care about. Watching the game. Man. It is play-offs. I love it. Well. I guess that's it. I've got to find something to do...maybe my abnormal paper....I have about three more pages to put together and twenty! sources to site.

Fuck Spring Fling and the Yellow House [7:38pm - 04/20/2006]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I need to studying. But I can hardly stand still. I'm going to the Spurs game on Saturday! The first play-off game of the season! I'm going! Ahhhhhh! Yeeeeeeeees . Fuck the free shirt. I'll borrow it from someone, or get myself a bad ass spurs shirt in place of it. And Rae asked if I wanted to go to the theta fiesta at the yellow house with her, I'll be at the sbc center instead.....ohmahgod! Ahhhhh. Here's the story.


Now that I've wasted an hour...reading.

An adventure in gold shoes. [11:41pm - 04/17/2006]
[ mood | numb ]

I started out the day looking at my shoe box. The shoes I bought for formal were just sitting there, they matched what I was going to wear today, the only thing way that I suck and I usually get blisters or rub somewhere unusual when I do where new shoes that aren't flip flops. I thought about it for about thirty minutes and then realized I left the other shoes that may have been a probable match for the outfit under my for the puppu to find....under my bed. Anyway. So, I put on the cute gold shoes. They were a hit in Nutrtion, right Jess? I walked over to Langner. That that was a hard walk. I felt a rub on my left little toe. Little did I know that was going to be the least of my worries come later that night. Anyways. Drugs and Behavior was Drugs and Behavior. Tim smelled like Tim, Mallory was lovely and the girls talked it up in the back. Anyway. I almost crawled back to the apartment in my shoes...I am not even kidding. I was right behind Sabina when we left class...she was most likely sitting down at the table eating lunch by the time I got back....it was horrible. I put on a pair of flip flops for abnormal. was not gonig to walk all the way over there in these shoes again...anyway. I didn't think much of the shoes unbtil later on when I seriously could not step on my left foot. I was like "Ahhh crap." When I sat down to watch the point gaurd and crew wrap up the western conference I looked down at my foot, and aside it from being black from the shoes I was wearing I see tihs giant whitish bump. I was like "ack!" So, I went through the night whinnig in my head about it. I was ready to opop that sucker...except I couldn't find anything until just now. I just grabbed some tweazers and pinched the sucker. If y'all like gross things this was amazing. It was so oozy. I would have recorded it had I known how oozy it was going to be. Well, now, this sucker has al ittle hole in it and hurts almost more than it did before, no joke. I want to cry. I may have ot tkae massive amounts of tylenol to get through the day tomorrow and to get thorugh the day in printmaking if the boys do notice I am limping form this almost hole in my foot.

I need to read more. I'm not going to tonight. Well, maybe about the KRebs cycle. That we all know and love.

Yah for today. [12:10am - 04/12/2006]
[ mood | tired ]

My alarm actually woke me up today. It was odd. And as I was getting up Jackie peeked her head in. I was like "I'm up, I'm up!" I'm usualyl at least half way in the bathroom by the time she gets back from class. Weird huh? Anyway. I checked my tlu mail and got the little message that the student art show was opening today. I didn't heard anything from Landa, and from her, she didn't want to get our hopes up on getting anything in the show. So, I figured my "zebra" print didn't make it in the show and went off to class with all my thoughts on creating my new Lithium overdose inspired death plate. ahaha. She was like "what?" I walked into the door, after seeing the giant terd snail that some Sarah, Kenny, Danny and some other kid had some as a piece for the show. You could have like crawled in this snail thing made of garbage bags! Yeah. I was like, "Panic or anxiety attack on top a seizure? Nuhuh." Anyway. I walked in and Dante and Isaac are sitting there talking about the show, they obviously got pieces in there. Honestly, I would have been heartrbrokeni f they got things in there and I didn't, but it wouldn't have been anything new for me. But then, Dante gives me that nasty sarcastic look he always gives me, which i give him right back so it's totally reinforcing the action...and says, 'Her zebra print even made it in." I was absolutely shocked. I was like "Shut up!" I didn't want to like run over to the gallary and see it, but, honestly, that's what I did. After that I called my mom and she was like "You should be an artist." I was like "pfft, i'll leave that one to Lindsay."

Anyway. So, we didn't do much in printmaking...the boys played with duct tape and I started working on the new plate. I stayed for an ungodly like 4 hours working on....and then went to my room to make myself some swedish meatballs. They were great! That took care of the tiny break I had during the day. I went to spanish where I persuaded Sanchez to let me leave a few minuots early for the opening. I did, looked at everything, said hi to the boys and Landa and went back to the print room. Ahhh! I must have oversprayed or undersprayed or some shit...because I could not get my aquatint to stay! FUCK AQUATINT! Honestly. By that time it was, I'm not shitting you, 6:15. I was there from 3:45ish to 6. I was working on art for 7 hours. 7. I can't even get through working on this abnormal paper for 3 hours without crapping out.

Speaking of this abnormal paper...it's got almost 10 pages to it. I'm super stoked. I'm going to have to send it to myself over easter and work on it while Katie is at school. And play with the puppy! They got a puppy this weekend and I cannot wait to play with him. I bet I'll have to get up with him at least once while I'm there.

Blood Drive is coming up again! Yeeees. Great. I can't freaking wait. Can you catch the undertone in that one? Well. I think I'm about to fall asleep right here right now. I changed my lay-out again. This time, all I had to do is change the username. It is super cute. Check it out gs.

So much for working on my paper [8:22pm - 04/06/2006]
[ mood | tired ]

I'll get back to it. But first. Let's clear this up. Maybe I'd have to see my EEG (that was almost a year ago to seehow small this little burst was to see why he didn't diagnose me...)

I'm reading an article to start off my Abnormal 15 page paper on Epileptic like psychosis, ans in 2005 the International League Against Epilepsy revises the international operational definitions of Epilepsy every once in a while..they did and here's what it was changed to

Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain characterized by an enduring ppredisposition to generate epileptic seizures and by the neurobiologic, vognitive, psychological, and social consequences of this condition. The definiton of epilepsy requires the occurrence of at least one epileptic seizure."
epileptic seizure: is a transient occurence of signs and/or symptoms due to abnormal excessive or synchronous neuronal activity in the brain.

So, did the doctor just blow off this new definiton and go with the old "You need two very visible seizures" to be diagnosed? Or what? I don't know. Maybe I just want the label. That's kind of bad. I should stop worrying and get back to my paper and unattach myself from the topic all together. It'll be a good paper anyway.

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